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Forum Resources Network strategically designs and facilitates customized retreats, trainings and meetings for forums, executive and management teams, and boards of directors *
How Important are Friends at Work?

Forum Resources Network exists to guide executive-level forum groups through a process of personal and professional transformation by providing expert meeting facilitation, training and resources.

FORUM: The Secret Advantage of Successful Leaders

Forum has been the secret of successful leaders, entrepreneurs and presidents for decades. This book is a complete "how to" guide and is full of practical examples and stories both for start-up forums or peer groups. Also full of communication skills that can be used with in the workplace and at home.

Available now in paperback and Kindle


The Friendship Advantage

7 Keys to Building Relationships that Transform Corporate Culture and Drive Productivity

Trusted by more the 20,000 CEOs

Available now in paperback, audible and Kindle

New Book Reveals Seven Keys to Building Relationships, Driving Employee Engagement. Employees, managers and executives can learn how to improve their work experiences to yield professional and personal advantages.

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