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Team Building

Peer Group Development

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Utilizing a management retreat or off-site meeting for strategic planning and team building is a unique opportunity to develop a greater level of trust and productivity for all team members. Engaging Forum Resources Network ensures that retreats or meetings will be tailored to address the needs of your management team (in the case of a large company), your entire staff (in the case of a smaller company), or your board of directors. Professional facilitation provides a catalyst to spark a time of deep growth, whether it’s mediating a complex situation; addressing any issues that may exist amongst your group; or clarifying mission, vision and core values.

FRN can work with you and your team to design a program to suit the specific needs and goals of  your organization. This may be a retreat, strategic planning or team-building facilitation, or the development of a peer group cohort.

Potential Topics
& Focus Areas
  • Building trust, merging or developing office cultures

  • Conflict resolution; dealing with difficult conversations and with difficult personalities; and productive communication

  • Leadership training and management skills

  • Empowerment and leading through change

  • Accountability

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